• Bike prep for long rides

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      If you have any plan for a bike ride try to check the undermentioned things which may prove useful to you and you can save time and money on roadside repairs


    • The most important thing is the tyres and wheels. Ensure that  they have adequate tread on them. We recommend you start the ride with a brand new set of tyres and tubes to avoid  punctures and blowouts.
    •            Get the rims balanced (this will prevent breaking of spokes and unnecessary wobbles that could spoil your bikes ride and handling).    Make sure that the spokes are not protruding from inside the rim. If they are they could puncture the tube from inside. After this,grind the extra spoke surface outside the rim and ensure that there is a rubber strip (good condition) around the inside of the rim. Check the wheel bearings as well
    • . Inspect and make sure that your bike has only genuine OE parts, especially hubs, spokes, rims and other engine components.
    • Get shock absorbers inspected and replace the bushes if necessary. Check the rear swing-arm bush, replace if needed. Check condition of front fork oil seals and replace if needed. Make sure that there is no crack on the fork bottom tube and any bend in main tubes If  springs have sagged or your main tube has worn out get them replaced.
    •   Check  chain and rear sprocket for wear/broken teeth and slack. If you find that there are less than four notch adjustments to go on your chain adjuster cam, replace your chain and both your sprockets.and don’t cut the link to tight the chain
    •   clutch is very important part  so make sure that your clutch is in good order and adjusted properly without the trace of any drag, slip etc. When you open your clutch cover, also check the primary chain and the adjuster. Do not use any kind of additional insert under the chain adjuster. If the adjuster has reached its limit replace the primary chain
    •    Check your battery and the earthing connections.as it play major role in timing tuning and fuel injection versions  If you have any history of electrical trouble, be sure that the problem is completely solved. The water, vibrations, dust and maybe snow that riders are likely to encounter on the route could further accentuate existing problems.
    •   Check for play in the steering if loose tight it and if feel hard  check the  ball race set in case of roughness   replace the ball race set with balls
    • Check all the rubber components like carburettor hose, fuel pipe , air filter rubber  ,cushion  rubbers etc. for cracks as these small things create lot of problems on the ride    As cracks allow dust to enter in machine result in rapid wear and tear 
    • Check all cables and if found bent of frayed, replace immediately. Do not use oil in friction free cables.Finally tighten all the nuts and bolts and if it is found to slip or the threads are damaged replace the relevant parts
    •    Get the tappet valve clearance , carburetor tuned and spark plug gap  Contact breaker gap ,ignition timing checked  by an expert or u can do itself by consulting manuals if you have proper tech knowledge
    • Replace spark with new plug as per recommendations by manual
    • Carry chain spray  , carb and choke cleaner and spare air filter
    • Carry undersized jets for high altitude riding ,
    •  Finally test the bikes for few Kms before setting for  tour
    • Above all expect the unexpected


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