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    As India has various cultures  and Religions .There are festivals for all seasons  . Many festivals celebrate the various harvests , commemorate great historical events , some express devotion to deities of different religions  and culture . every celebration centers around rituals of prayers  , seeking blessings  decorating houses and shops wearing new clothes , music , dance , feasting and exchanging goodwill



    In Maharashtra ,  Karnataka , Andhra people celebrate Makar Sankranti , this is a day of goodwill and friendship people wear new clothes and distribute sweets 


    This is the only hindu festival which falls on 14 th of Jan every year in North India Makar sankranti is known as Lohri . This is more of a community festival where the birth of son or first year of marriage is celebrated with fun and frolic


    Sankranti is celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Andhra  as Pongal First day is Bhogi Pongal which is celebrated as Family festival , Second Day is Surya Pongal which is dedicated to Sun and Third is Mattu Pongal dedicated to the worship and veneration of  cattle


    This is usually takes place in temples dedicated to Kartikeya or Mariamman where trenches of burning coal are laid out for devotees to walk over


    On occasion of Makar Sankranti kite festival is held in Gujarat and other western states .The change in direction of wind is marked by hundreds of colourful ,different shapes and styles kites which are locally hand made


    This festival starts off with a magnificent procession of bedecked camels ,colorful spectacles of very beautifully decorated camels


    Its celebrated on end of Ramzan  ( Fasting Month )  on this occasion people gather in mosque to pray and afterward  friends and relatives meet to exchange  greetings . ID ( presents ) are given to younger’s by elders , conveying their blessings


    This festival is celebrated in North India as well as in West Bengal to welcome  springs on 5th day of waxing moon of Magh (Hindu calendar ) .On this occasion goddess Saraswati ,  God Shiv – goddess  Durga ,  God Vishnu , goddess Lakshmi are worshiped



    UP Tourism organize   yoga sessions along bank of  river Ganga at Holy city Rishikesh


    This is a 10 days event organized at Agra , its a festive introduction to Indian folk music , poetry , classical dances  


    Its celebrated on 14th night of dark half of MAGH  occurs the great night of LORD SHIV JEE The devotees stay awake full night offering prayers to lord  ,They offer special food  made of fruits , root vegetables , coconuts to lord Shiv jee




    This spectacular chariot festival is held at famous Jagannath temple at Puri (  ORISSA) .Images of Lord Jagannath , his sister Subhadra and Brother Balbhadra are taken out in procession in three chariots to their summer temple for a week .The main chariot is 14 mts high and 10 mts square with 16 wheels .The devotes pull the ropes of the huge chariots with believe that  this act , bestows salvation upon them


    A very special day to worship to all teachers  ( GURUS ) so called as Guru Purnima . It celebrated   all over India . On this special day students visit their elders , teachers , guides with gifts of coconuts , clothes  and sweets to show respect to them These gifts are known as Guru Dakshina



    This festival is celebrated on occasion of Birth anniversary of Lord Krishna at Mathura and Brindavan   .  Night prayers are offered and religious hymns are sung in temples . In Maharastra earthen pots of curds and butter are hung high up over the streets  young’s  enchanting an episode from Lord Krishna childhood form human pyramids by climbing on each others  shoulders and try to break these pots


    Kerala most popular festival celebrated with great enthusiasm . it’s a harvest festival celebrated to welcome the spirits of the pious King Mahabali  from eternal exile  and to assure him that his people are happy and wish him well .At Trichur caparisoned elephants take part in a spectacular procession  . At  Shoranur appreciative crowds gather on green  where colour fully  dressed Kathakali dancers re enact  the well loved stories of the epics heroes and virtuous  womens . Next day every home is lit bright and decorated in preparation for the visit of King Mahabali . Greetings and lengths of auspicious saffron cloths are presented among friends . The boat race (The Vallumkali ) is a major attraction of Onam and best seen at Aranmulai and Kottyam in evening girls perform the Kyekottikali  (  clapping dance ) in open , dancing around the traditional brass lamp  .Intricate patterns of flower petals are made on grass forming a flower carpet for dance


    This festival is celebrated in North India , It’s a Hindu sisters day  when brothers and sisters reaffirm their bond of affection  , on this day sisters  tie colourful band (  RAKHI ) on brothers wrists and in turn brothers give presents and  promise to protect them


    This is celebrated in Maharashtra  , Tamil nadu , Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka dedicated to Lord Ganesh  Its believed that Lord Ganesh is born on this day  and every chaturthi is considered auspicious  . Thousands of  different size  , pose , forms ,colour clay idols of lord Ganesh are made and worshipped at community , family festival which last between 1 – 10 days These images are taken in large processions with rhythms of bell and drums and immersed in flowing water  









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