All our tours are supervised by an experienced crew and a lead rider to ensure the group stays together. We also provide first aid kits on all our tours. Accommodation is based on twin sharing. Over the years we have built a vast local network which enables us to provide all means of accommodation from low budget to a maharaja’s palace! Whatever your choice, we guarantee clean & comfy rooms at all times; nothing worse than getting off a bike at the end of the day and having to spend the night in a dodgy room.

For the bike ride/tour you can opt for any of the following option mention below:

Option 1:  INDIA BIKE TOURS  Motorcycles with full service

INDIA BIKE TOURS  is proud to bring you a journey and adventure experience by providing you the bikes, the tour guides (Jitender / Jason / Gina), the mechanics, the medics and the support crew so that you can ride and experience India without the worries. The routes and the experiences are mapped carefully to optimize riding speeds allowing you to take it all in. We have arranged the stays in such a way that you get the best of local experience while also taking a well deserved break to take in those unique experiences.

Come and experience some of this on our tours. We will be there with you through out this ride and experience.

Option 2: Bring your own bike

There must have been times when you have wanted to ride but were not sure about the route, the logistics, and your stay. INDIA BIKE TOURS offers you the choice of bringing your own bike (anything on two wheels and a motor). INDIA BIKE TOURS will take care of the rest. Except for the bike, your stay, the routes and the logistics will be handled by us at a lower cost to you.

Option 3: Custom Journeys through India

INDIA BIKE TOURS  offers you an option to setup a customized tour for you and your friends. Ever wanted to get away with your school/college buddies and go on a road trip and rekindle old memories and live in nostalgia of your youth and its follies.

Just give us the dates, a rough idea of the India you want to see and the number of people and we will help setup the complete journey for you. We will provide the motorcycles, setup the itinerary and the route and handle the logistic & provide the services of its crew to make your road trip a memorable one.

Option 4:  Select the Tour according to your demand

  1.  Premium Tour
  2.  Economy Tour
  3.  Budget tour

Option 5 : Cycling

A bike tour is a great way to see Ladakh and Rajasthan and has numerous advantages over traditional  tours. The most obvious is that being on a bicycle enables you to see much more of the city, but those of you who like a little exercise will also appreciate the chance to burn off a couple more calories and keep the oxygen flowing to the brain as your invariably knowledgeable guide regales you with fascinating histories and amusing anecdotes. The chance to rattle around India on two wheels will also make you feel a little more independent (and dare we say it ‘cool’) than those who’ve hopped on the nearest tourist bus – and you can even maintain the moral high ground on environmental friendliness. There’s no pollution generated from pedal power! Those seeking a genuine challenge, ready to test their lungs and legs against the highest motorable roads in the world, should start for the mountains of Ladakh, while those wanting a more relaxed break should opt for the deserts of Rajasthan

Motorcycle Riding course

We are providing Riding Lessons on  Royal Enfields motorcycles  .  Our Riding instructors are experienced Riders having covered the length and breadth of India  and can provide instruction in English and Hindi.  Service available at nearest suitable  places

 Experience Us

You will realize that touring with us in an experience. Not only do we design customized tours to suit your needs, we are also willing to take your suggestions and feedback. Do drop in a note to us at: