Frequently Asked Questions

1 Does India Bike Tours provide bikes?


                INDIA BIKE TOURS  provides motorcycles on the tour, the rent for which is included in the price of the tour. In fact, if you compare our prices with other tour operators you’ll find that we offer competitive prices 

2  Who can participate in the tour?

              A rider has to be at least 18 yrs with a valid driving license to participate. as a co-rider on the pillion an individual has to be between the age of 14 and 60 years, in reasonable health and with at least some motorcycle co-riding experience To participate as a passenger in the support vehicle an individual has to be  in reasonable  health.

3 ; Do I need a motorcycle rider’s license to join the tour

               Rider     must have a valid motorcycle driving license and international riding permit however, they are not required for the co- from your country of citizenship since it is not issued rider on the pillion or passengers travelling in support vehicles. Also, make sure you obtain the International Driving Permit (IDP) to foreigners in India

4 ;   If any one close to me ( Family member ,friend) is not interested in riding but want to join the tour

              For those who want to join the tour but not interested to ride, They can book a place in a support vehicle as a passenger. And Enjoy the tour. However, we urge you to book them on the tour at the time of your booking otherwise we might not be able to offer this facility at a later stage when the available seats are already taken if the there are more participants we can arrange extra car but on chargeable  basis

5 ; Essential documents i should carry with me during the tour

           A passport containing valid tourist visa to India and a certificate of travel insurance and health insurance covering all

6   ; If I want to ride with a pillion

              Yes you may if you are confident of handling the extra weight (specially on the Himalayan tours) on rough terrain ,in slush , on loose gravels and during water crossings etc

7 ;  In which conditions a rider can travel in the support vehicle during the tour

                Since the main purpose of support vehicles is to carry the luggage, , support staff . Priority shall be given to a Rider with an emergency; e.g. sudden and severe illness, road accident, bike breakdown etc.

8  ;  If I am not a experienced Rider and new to motorcycle riding but want to join the tour

                  We recommend at least 3 years of motorcycle riding experience. However, if you are confident enough of your ability to handle a heavy bike on Indian roads if in case you decide at a later stage to opt out of the tour there will be no refund and we might not even be able to accommodate

9   ; Is riding a motorcycle in India is different from other regions

                Yes, there are certain factors which make it quite different from other places specially the “west Main challenge is perhaps the wide range of speeds at which vehicles travel ,Here everything from latest cars to Rickshaws to camel carts to cows (avoid at all costs ) to bicycles to pedestrians You will be surprised at how quickly you come up behind things – allow yourself plenty of braking distance , particularly as many vehicles don’t have brake light Here use of horns is expected and welcome ,so don’t hold back ! Good idea to flash your Headlights and blow horn while overtaking especially . Equally don’t be surprised or offended if people hoot at u and Worth remembering that if somebody flashes I their lights at you it means I am coming through”, rather than ” on you go mate ” as it would in outside India Here Heavy vehicles ( Truck , Buses )use their Indicators to let you know when it’s safe to overtake except that here it’s the other way round , so Right indicator mean go and left means wait .On narrow roads , be prepared to pull off to the side to make way for oncoming Heavy vehicles ( Truck and Buses ) and be aware that the verges are often sandy and uneven , so be sure to slow down first General road rule is ”’ might is right ” so expect to be treated with impunity by anything bigger than u ,Most bikes are not nearly as quick as an Royalenfield ( BULLET ), and so tend to be rather looked down upon .Bus drivers are a particular menace. Most villages have speed bumps at their entrances and exits ,often completely unmarked .There are always speed bumps before and after level crossings .Above all , expect the unexpected

  10    ; Who will be my tour guide?

                    Jitender himself leads the tours in most cases Our Tour Guides are well versed in English, besides being familiar with the local language, culture, routes and conditions Jitender himself has very good technical knowledge

    11   ; Do I get time to get accustomed to the motorcycle & Indian riding conditions?

                         Our experienced Tour leader & support staff will take you on a familiarization ride after briefing on the day before we depart on the actual tour. After a short ride nearby you’d have quite familiarized with the controls and other aspects of riding the motorcycle in Indian conditions

   12   ;     How difficult will be the tour and how much risk is involved?

                         Motorcycle riding comes with its risks no matter from where you are from. In fact, any adventure activity has its elements of “Risk and fun. Calculating the “risk” involved is quite difficult as it is very subjective. The Himalayas mountainous track is one of the most difficult terrains a motorcyclist will ever come across but “an experience of a lifetime. Riding in plains like Rajasthan is relatively easy

  13 ; How many participants will / can there be in a group?

                      We  prefer 6 ———— 12 riders . but it may vary depending upon clients request and available resources 

  14  ; How many Hours We will be Riding a day ?

                    Our tours have been carefully designed to avoid any stress and tiredness . This provides an opportunity for rest, relaxation & local sight-seeing. We prefer early start to , ensures to reach in time .In some cases like bad weather & road blocks / landslides etc we have to ride longer & harder than the original plan

  15  ; What will be the speed limit ?

                      We run the tours at an optimum pace  according to the terrain, traffic & road conditions. We move strictly in a convoy formation with Tour leader in front and support vehicles in the rear to ensure that every thing is running smooth . . We strictly recommend you to follow traffic rules and avoid over speeding to avoid any kind of penalty by local authorities Any rider who is found to be riding in a manner which seems “dangerous to either himself or others traffic rules ” will be not be allowed to join the rest of the tour and there will be no refund.

  16 ;How important is the medical fitness to join the tour ?

                  Please consult  your doctor in case you have any medical problem like   severe asthma, high blood pressure, muscular disorders,  respiratory or heart disorders  etc  and for   Vaccinations/ Immunizations   against harmful diseases  As we will be touring   in the Hills  at  an very high altitudes and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) can occur in few cases. . Be sure  to be reasonably fit to participate in our tours  Touring in other region like Rajasthan is easy as compare to Hilly Sections

17    ;Are there any possibilities of these tours getting disrupted

           Yes, If the Tour is unable to proceed for beyond control reasons , such as such as riots, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, strikes, sickness, weather, war, vehicle problems, political closures and dispute or traffic jam, heavy rainfall, landslides, road closures, non grant of permit to travel in restricted zone areas of the Tour routes, etc.

18   ; Are  all   Itineraries fixed


                Yes its fixed but in some cases which are beyond control like . Bad weather, landslides, road blocks , damaged bridges strikes, Riots and similar events we have to change the pre-planned itinerary specially in the Himalayas . Having a flexible attitude is very crucial on such tours. .

19  ; What is the type of accommodation you provide

           We provide hotels and camps from mid range to high end budgets depending on the request from clients However, at certain places (where options are virtually unavailable) we have to do with either basic accommodation , a basic tented camp or overpriced accommodations Accommodation is provided on a twin-share basis If u need single then have to take a room at your own. In other words, book early or bring your own roommate with you. Or preferably both! We insist you specify any such requirement at the time of booking itself since room availability in remote areas at many hotels we use is limited during the peak season and we have to book your accommodation some time in advance. 

   20     ; . Will  you charge for  damages   to motorcycle 

              It will be our greatest pleasure to return the entire   security deposit to you at the  end of your  tour  But please note in case   normal wear and tear of the motorcycle we will not charge    But  motorcycle  or parts ,  any  accessories  damaged due to negligence of rider  or due to a fall are chargeable at the cost

    21  ;     Is it necessary to use Riding Gears and Helmet on the tour

               we strictly recommend   to use Proper Protective Riding  kit    ( riding shoes, riding gloves, Knee & Elbow guards Riding   jacket/  pants )  and Helmet is mandatory as per Motor  Vehicle Act in India 

    22  ; Will  you charge for  damages   to motorcycle

                         It will be our greatest pleasure to return the entire   security deposit to you at the  end of your  tour . But please note in case   normal wear and tear of the motorcycle we will not charge    But  motorcycle  or parts ,  any  accessories  damaged due to negligence of rider  or due to a fall are chargeable at the cost 

           23   ;  In case I am unable to complete the tour or I wish to leave the tour then who will arrange for my return and hotels

                       please   note in this type of  cases  you  have to do at your own cost  but we will assist you

  24     ;  How much luggage can I bring with me during the tour ?

               As   support vehicle will be carrying spare , luggage etc  and  service team will be  also traveling in it  , so  we limit the baggage allowance on our tours to 20 kg.    On the Himalayan tours you’ll be taking a domestic flight (Economy Class) between New Delhi and Leh, the checked-in baggage allowance on which is also 20 Kg

 25         ;  Any terms and conditions

Please  read our terms and conditions below.  Plz understand that motorcycle touring in India is an activity involving risk. That you accept the full control of your motorcycle whilst on Tour with us.  India Bike Tours is not responsible or liable for any accident, illness, injury or death, however incurred, whilst on the tour and that you have taken out the necessary insurance to cover these eventualities.


When you make a booking you undertake that you have the authority to accept and do accept these booking conditions on behalf of yourself and your party.  To make your reservation you need to pay 100% of your tour package amount along with your reservations/booking form.  Payment can also be made by  bankers cheque . Your tour booking without payment will not be confirmed. After a tour booking is received and accepted by us, a reservation is binding. Tour features are described separately depending upon tour package selection. All rates are per person, twin share accommodation with other riders.


Prices are fixed at the time of booking and will generally not be subject to surcharges. The only exception to this is an increase in costs arising as a result of any Government action ( Fuel ,Taxes etc ), We reserve the right to change our prices at any time before you book including any special offers we may from time to time have, which may or may not be the same as set out in our publicity material.


Our policies regarding tour cancellations are highlighted below If you wish to change your plans in any way and we can accept the change, a charge of 7000INR per person per amendment will apply, provided your instructions in writing are received two months (60 days) or more prior to departure of the tour. The following schedule reflects the refund on cancellation:
Cancellation Schedule   Refund %
Three months or more from start date of tour    70% Refund
Two month or more 50 % Refund
One month or more 40 % Refund
 Afterward   No Refund
You can provide a substitute person in place of you without any charges on same package. If a tour is unable to proceed for reasons beyond our control, such as riots, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, strikes, traffic jam etc then 50% of refund before 30 days, Once  tour starts then no refund.


All motorcycles are insured for third party liability only. No other insurance covers are applied on the bikes. Rider is only allowed to use these motorcycles as road bikes only, no off road or motor sports are acceptable. Riding under any influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and illegal in India. Rider will be totally liable of any damage, accident or mishap during use of bike.


Rider must possess a valid unrestricted motorcycle International driving permit and have at least 2 -3  years experience. Rider or pillion rider should not expect to learn to ride a motorcycle while on tour. We recommend you bring your own personal riding gears. The wearing of a motorcycle helmet is mandatory in India.
Rider and passenger must be aware of traffic, road, weather, and other condition. Both rider and passenger understand and fully accept that risk and are solely responsible for keeping their motorcycle under control, selecting an appropriate speed. As a rider you are solely responsible for your choice of riding style and speed whether accompanied by a guide or riding solo. Riders and passengers, their heirs, successors and assignees agree to release, indemnify and hold India Bike Tours, its agents, contractors and employees harmless from any and all liabilities or claims directly or indirectly related to participation on a tour or motorcycle rental.
The staff and management of India Bike Tours take all practicable steps to identify and minimize potential dangers, however you must follow our instructions at all times. You must release or indemnify India Bike Tours and our staff against any liability we incur to anyone else, resulting from your failure to follow our instructions or the failure of any person accompanying you under the age of 18 to follow our instructions.


We are responsible for providing and arranging the services listed in our tour itineraries and descriptions. We are responsible for conscientious travel preparations, and we review our accommodation providers, restaurants and contractors, on a continuous basis. We reserve the right to modify any part of a tour in the interests of improvement or to adapt to other situations as they arise. We will not be held responsible or liable for expenses incurred as a result of delays in flights or missed connections. We will not be held responsible or liable for any delays or any changes in the schedule in response to unplanned events. We will not be held responsible or liable for any accidents and/or bodily injury or death, resulting from the use of a motorcycle, and riders and passengers indemnify all such claims against us, and our employees. We are not responsible for any act of god, strikes, theft or other conditions beyond our control. We are not responsible or liable for any property lost or damaged while using a rental motorcycle.


If you leave or fail to complete a tour for any reason you must make your own arrangements for transportation, lodging, and motorcycle return to the rental center, etc., at your own expense, unless prior arrangements with us have been made. Any recovery or salvage expenses for returning the motorcycle to our Delhi center will be on charged to the client’s account or deducted from the security deposit. Any request made by you for change or modifications to your itinerary, route change, accommodation changes, will incur additional charge and will need to be paid by you. Speeding tickets, parking offenses, speed camera fines etc incurred by the rider will be paid at spot directly to concerned authorities and will not be adjusted to security.


We reserve the right to correct printing errors or omissions at any time. Unaffected portions continue to remain valid and do not affect this agreement as a whole. Invalidation of individual items in this agreement does not lead to the invalidation of the entire agreement.


No refund will be due to you in respect of non-utilization of any part of the travel arrangements made for you.


We cannot stress enough the importance of taking out adequate holiday insurance against cancellation charges, unexpected curtailment of your holiday, medical expenses arising overseas, loss or damage to luggage and personal liability claims against you. Should you elect not to effect suitable travel insurance cover despite this advice, then you undertake on behalf of yourselves and all members of your party to indemnify both ourselves and our overseas agents and representatives (as applicable) for any costs that arise which would otherwise have been met had such insurance cover been taken out.


We do our very best to ensure your travel arrangements go according to plan. However, if you have a complaint arising from what we have agreed to provide for you, please let us know at the earliest opportunity, if necessary by calling our office from wherever you may be. If a problem arises during your holiday, it is important to  contact us (Aman & Gina) who will endeavor to put things right.


That attempt to change these terms and conditions only become valid when confirmed in writing by us. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and our selves. There are no others conditions, representations or guarantees other than those made here. Note that the submission of a rental, tour booking form constitutes an acceptance of the above terms & conditions.




  •   Motorcycle Hire,
  • Fuel, oil and maintenance/spares
  • A Jeep as a support vehicle with driver and mechanics, spares and tools
  • Additional Luggage van for carrying your luggage each day to that days destination during the tour ( optional )
  • One or more Tour guides ( optional )
  • All transfers from the closest airport/railway station of the starting point (hotel/resort) of the tour
  • All hotel accommodation for the Tour dates (unless otherwise arranged)
  • All meals whilst at a hotel / resort / camp. Typically Breakfast and Dinner
  • Lunch is an “on the road experience” and is either paid for by yourself
  • Road Book notes and area maps, with en-route contact details
  • First-Aid Boxes are carried in the support vehicle


  • International Flights / Excess baggage charges
  • International Airport departure taxes, airline fuel surcharges
  • Visa (Passports must be valid for at least 6 months.)
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Hotel bar and snack bills, bottled drinking water
  • Vaccinations and medicine
  • Laundry service, tips, room service, porters, telephone and fax calls
  • Motorcycle riding gears , Helmets etc
  • Transportation of bike to starting and from ending point to back to our office